Classroom Practice (InTasc): Understanding Content
What You'll Learn
Classroom strategies and skills that support your classroom practice in these four areas:
  • The Learner and Learning
  • Content Knowledge
  • Instructional Practice
  • Professional Responsibility
Who Should Apply
  • K12 Educators
  • Early Career Educators
  • Mid Career Educators
  • Veteran Teachers
  • Aspiring Educators
Approximate hours each
This stack is aligned with the InTASC Core Teaching Standards and designed to support ongoing teacher effectiveness to ensure students reach college and career ready standards. The micro-credentials in this stack fall under these four categories: The Learner and Learning, Content Knowledge, Instructional Practice and Professional Responsibility.
Collaboration Between Colleagues
Educator collaborates with others to expand their content knowledge to keep up with changes in the discipline, make academic language accessible to students, and develop learners' abilities to independently engage in and evaluate their work.
Types of Evidence Required: Written artifact, Lesson Plan AND written artifact, 2-minute video

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Evaluating Digital Sources
Educator supports students in evaluating digital sources to develop students' critical thinking skills.
Types of Evidence Required: 3 Lesson Plans, 3 artifacts of student work AND written artifact

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Interdisciplinary Themes to Enhance Student Learning
Educator identifies and utilizes interdisciplinary themes to enhance student learning.
Types of Evidence Required: Written artifact, lesson plan, 2 student work samples, rubric AND written artifact

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Promote Ownership of Learning
Educator creates opportunities for student choice to promote ownership of learning.
Types of Evidence Required: 2-3 lesson plans AND written artifact, 3-4 student work samples AND 3-4 written artifacts

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Teaching Global Competence
Educator facilitates learners' ability to develop diverse social and cultural perspectives that expand their understanding of local and global issues.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifact, 3 samples of annotated student work x2 (pre-& post)

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Utilizing Practice Activities with Content Areas
Educator utilizes student-centered, grade, and subject area practice activities to contribute to and/or enhance student learning.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifact OR pdf OR image, written artifact AND pdf OR image, student work samples as PDF OR image, written artifact

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