Five Core Propositions (NBCT)
What You'll Learn

You will learn the basics of each of the 5 Core Propositions developed by National Board.

Who Should Apply
  • K12 Educators
  • Early Career Educators
  • Mid Career Educators
  • Veteran Teachers
  • Aspiring Educators
Approximate hours each
This stack was developed in partnership with Nevada Education Association and is intended to give educators an understanding of the 5 Core Propositions that were developed by National Board. Educators who would like to learn a little bit more about what National Board is about or start to get ready for applying for a National Board Certification would benefit from these Micro-credentials.
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Five Core Propositions (NBCT): Know Your Students
Teachers know about the students they instruct in order to respond to individual student learning differences and provide every student with a high quality educational setting.
Types of Evidence Required: two written artifacts using given templates

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StartNEA_KYSFive Core Propositions (NBCT)Know Your Students

Five Core Propositions (NBCT): Knowing Your Content & How to Teach It to Students
Educator possesses a firm command of their subject area(s), understands factual information as well as major themes, and has the pedagogical insight to communicate their subject knowledge and impact student learning.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifacts (3)

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StartNEA_KCTFive Core Propositions (NBCT)Knowing Your Content & How to Teach It to Students

Five Core Propositions (NBCT): Managing & Monitoring Student Learning
Educator works collaboratively with their students to plan instruction, motivate and challenge students during instruction, and monitor student learning over time.
Types of Evidence Required: student work samples, written artifact, student survey results

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StartNEA_MSLFive Core Propositions (NBCT)Managing & Monitoring Student Learning

Five Core Propositions (NBCT): Teachers are Members of Learning Communities
Educator works collaboratively with colleagues, families, and the communuty to support students and their learning.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifacts (3), file upload

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StartNEA_ISLFive Core Propositions (NBCT)Teachers are Members of Learning Communities

Five Core Propositions (NBCT): Thinking Systematically About Your Practice
Educator expands their repertoire and deepens their pedagogical content knowledge to remain inventive and welcoming to new findings that extend their professional learning.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifact OR video/audio, 4 separate written artifacts

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StartNEA_TSFive Core Propositions (NBCT)Thinking Systematically About Your Practice