Classroom Practice (InTasc): Learner and Learning
What You'll Learn
Classroom strategies and skills that support your classroom practice in these four areas:
  • The Learner and Learning
  • Content Knowledge
  • Instructional Practice
  • Professional Responsibility
Who Should Apply
  • K12 Educators
  • Early Career Educators
  • Mid Career Educators
  • Veteran Teachers
  • Aspiring Educators
Approximate hours each
This stack is aligned with the InTASC Core Teaching Standards and designed to support ongoing teacher effectiveness to ensure students reach college and career ready standards. The micro-credentials in this stack fall under these four categories: The Learner and Learning, Content Knowledge, Instructional Practice and Professional Responsibility.
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Classroom Practice (InTasc): Learner and Learning - Fostering a Growth Mindset
Educator explores growth mindset with students to support student understanding of various modes of learning to understand new concepts and acquire new knowledge and skills.
Types of Evidence Required: Lesson plan AND Pre/post assessment AND menu, written artifact, 3 student work artifacts that are written OR video OR audio recordings

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StartNEA_GMClassroom Practice (InTasc): Learner and LearningFostering a Growth Mindset

Classroom Practice (InTasc): Learner and Learning - Linking Families and Communities to Schools for Student Success
Educator demonstrates an understanding of the important role that families and communities play in students' academic and social success.
Types of Evidence Required: Written artifact, Parent/Community Engagement plan, written artifact

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StartNEA_LFCClassroom Practice (InTasc): Learner and LearningLinking Families and Communities to Schools for Student Success