Washington Education Association's Micro-Credential Library

WEA is pleased to offer Washington state clock hours for successful completion of NEA micro-credentials. Certain micro-credentials may be used to meet the Washington state equity or STEM certificate renewal requirements. Attend WEA Micro-credential orientation and find the micro-credential that is right for you.

What is a micro-credential?
A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows an educator to demonstrate knowledge or skill in a particular area. NEA micro-credentials are grounded in research and best practice and are created by educators for educators. Micro-credentials are:

  • Personalized: You can create your own learning journey based on your interests and goals; gaps in your skills; and the specific needs of your students, school, and district.
  • Flexible: You can study when it’s convenient for you, alone or with your peers.
  • Performance-based: Unlike “sit-and-get” professional learning, NEA micro-credentials are awarded based on demonstrated competence of the subject matter, not just for showing up.
  • Washington Clock hours: A way to earn clock hours, and with certain micro-credentials, meet the Washington state STEM or equity certification requirements.
A micro-credential is not a state endorsement or certificate to teach a specific subject or serve in a particular role.

What do I need to do? 
  1. Complete WEA Micro-credential Orientation . Learn about the process and select a micro-credential. Complete orientation ONCE.
  2. Register for an NEA micro-credential below AND register for WEA clock hours for the specific NEA micro-credential you selected.
  3. Complete the WEA Micro-credential Workshop. You need to complete the workshop EVERY TIME you complete a micro-credential.
Micro-credential submission deadlines for the 2023-24 school year:
  • Last date for participants to submit micro-credentials to the NEA: Friday, April 26.
  • Last date for participants to submit any micro-credential revisions to the NEA: Friday, May 24
  • For inquiries on NEA micro-credential registration or submission, select the “Help Center” at the top of NEA’s Washington micro-credential portal .
  • For inquiries on WEA course registration or Washington state clock hours for NEA micro-credentials, contact WEA associate Sheila Beaver.
  • For inquiries on the WEA micro-credential program, contact WEA policy, practices, and certification specialist Maren Johnson.


NEA's Full Micro-credential Library

All NEA micro-credentials are eligible for Washington state clock hours with the exception of the Teacher Leadership-Association pathway stack.
Click an image below to view the micro-credentials within the corresponding stack or view them all in the PDF Library.